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Empathy and Compassion

Ann Romney has multiple sclerosis and had cancer.  Rick Santorum‘s baby has a major disability.  Both need medical care that is very expensive.  Ann Romney, as the wife of a multi-millionaire, has access to all the care that she needs.  Rick Santorum, assuredly has health insurance and most likely the insurance he was given by the American people as US Senator to cover his child’s health care. We are told their stories over and over to humanize them and to make the “likable” because they suffer.

Yet, Ann Romney is married to a man ,who if elected, has promised to cut the healthcare that is offered under the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Rick Santorum, showed no compassion or empathy with people who do not have access to health care and have sick children.  Before the Affordable Healthcare Act, children with severe disabilities faced the lifetime cap that precluded them from getting anymore coverage.  Some of the children reached the cap at an early age. Compassion and empathy without a commitment to some form of social and economic justice is an empty sentiment.  A cheap Hallmark card.  An empty gesture.

When someone seeks compassion and empathy for themselves and shows no such compassion or care of people who suffer the same condition and have few resources then that is simple sadistic cruelty. Santorum used simplistic analogies of people “expecting free medication”  yet they buy and iPad for $900.  This is exactly the kind of “folksy” oversimplification that is used against people to dehumanize them and to take away a social sense of compassion and empathy for our fellow citizens.  Instead, they become a caricature.

These self same politicians and their wives, want us to see them as humans with real pain and suffering. When you make your life’s work the demonization of your fellow citizens and of the people of other nations, do not cry and beg for my compassion.  Do not try to pull my heartstrings.   So, Mrs. Romney, I do not care about your struggles until I see that you face the heartless policies of your husband.

As far as I am concerned, you are nothing more than the wife of a mobster, Carmella Soprano comes to mind.  You choose to be with that man.  You have free will.  Your struggles are artificial and deserve little of my attention.  I will save my compassion for those who are left out without care, without protection.

Mr. Santorum, your parents worked for the VA, the biggest national healthcare.  They paid for your healthcare as a child from generous public benefits.   If they were so capable, why did they not work out in the private sector?  You have been on the public teet your entire life and you go around scolding others as if you are some type of self-made man.   I know a scoundrel when I see one, and you are one.

To the Republican Party and particularly the Romney household.  Your personal narrative of suffering should be repressed and kept private.  If you follow your core values, your fellow citizens do not owe you one ounce of compassion.    


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GOP Jobs Double Speak: aka, “how to fuck the workers”

The Republicans speak of caring for workers.  Many workers believe that somehow the Republicans have their interests at heart.  But check this out:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-Ky.), along with Senate Finance Committee ranking member Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), are asking the White House to drop its demand to include an extension of the trade adjustment assistance (TAA) program as part of a package that would also include bills implementing long-stalled trade deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

What is the TAA?  Not just an acronym:

The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program is a federal program that provides a path for employment growth and opportunity through aid to US workers who have lost their jobs as a result of foreign trade. The TAA program seeks to provide these trade-affected workers with opportunities to obtain the skills, resources, and support they need to become reemployed. The program benefits and services that are available to individual workers are administered by the states through agreements between the Secretary of Labor and each state Governor. Program eligibility, technical assistance, and oversight are provided by the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration’s Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance.

The wholesale betrayal of the American worker in the name of job creation by the treacherous GOP leadership.  Get the trade deal for business, do it quick but don’t give anything to displaced workers.  The whores of the Senate, the GOP, at work.


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“Personhood”, the Reframing Of Pro-Life

Regroup and rename. It’s simple. The strategy of fighting the Roe vs. Wade was not going to happen via the courts. The anti-abortion foes have taken the battle to the states and the state legislatures.

In their own words, you can see how they see the battle shaping:

  • Personhood Net: Pro-Life and Pro-Human Policy for the 21st Century.  They list their accomplishments, the initiatives in the various states.  Of course they use the issues such as eugenics, rights of the disabled etc, to conflate the real agenda.  Repealing women’s choice.
  • Personhood USA, is the other site that lists and encourages the support for the initiatives in the various state.

The initiatives are on a wide national scope.  Only simpletons would think this is anything else but taking away women’s rights.  They will keep trying, they will fail at times, but they will keep pushing.  A particularly egrigious South Dakota bill, was shelved for later consideration.

Coming to a legislature near you.  Be aware and be prepared.

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RNC Debt

The RNC is bankrupt, $ 20 million in outstanding debt.

Hundreds of major donors have abandoned the Republican National Committee, leaving it $20 million in debt and threatening its future as a central player in the 2012 presidential election.

Don’t you love the Washington Post making the debt the dependent clause ?  Really?  Imagine if this was a Progressive or Lefty group facing financial problems.  It would be blamed on bad management, bad decisions, not knowing their business.  But what about the RNC, who is to blame?  What were all the great minds doing?

It seems the downward spiral has been going on for a few years, yet, none of the great minds–the fiscal conservative business minds that know how to do things right–did nothing to stop the bleeding.  Of course, they blame Steele and the donors.  Overspending just happened.

But, fellas, you got monthly financials did you not?   You had audits?  You have a financial officer? You have a Board right?  You have a finance committee?   Did you not notice?

The narrative is that the RNC is run by private sector types, business men who will apply their skills to running our nation.  Men who will cast away the “bad habits of government”, spending what you don’t have and paying attention to your finances.  But, the RNC gets to make excuses.  The donors dropped off, that is why they are in debt.

The narrative will prevail and the irony will go under the radar.

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Limbaugh Logic: Demonize Islam, Not Me!

Rush Limbaugh, after the Fort Hood attack, was ready to blame the Muslim faith for every violent act committed by a Muslim.  The logic is that the Imam’s preach hate and violence.

RUSH:  I mean folks, ought to read to you what my friend Andy McCarthy wrote about this at National Review Online: “After the carnage we’ve seen for two decades, and the high religious authorities that have endorsed it, it is simply astounding that an American president — at a solemn memorial service for soldiers killed just days ago by a jihadist acting on his rational, broadly accepted understanding of his religious duty — could claim that ‘no faith justifies’ sneak-attack murders, and that no religion teaches that ‘God looks upon them with favor.’ In fact, a widely held interpretation of Islam holds exactly these principles. No one is saying that all Muslims follow Hasan’s construction of Islam, but hundreds of millions do and they have scriptures to back up their beliefs — scriptures we could all read if we’d just pull our heads out of the sand. To deny that is to deny reality. A country can’t be protected by people who lack the will to face reality.”
And that’s what we have in president Obama.  I’m still struggling, does he face reality, is he this naïve or is he this cunning?  He’s got to know what jihad is.  He’s got to know of the imams that preach it.  He’s got to know that there are scriptures in these people’s book that suggests the way to get to heaven is to kill infidels.  This is not even arguable.  As Andy says here it’s not about all Muslims but clearly hundreds of millions of them.  Let’s listen to the next sound bite.

Rush Limbaugh, when his preaching is blamed for acts of hate and violence, protests:

Don’t kid yourself.  What this was all about is shutting down any and all political opposition and eventually criminalizing it. Criminalizing policy differences, at least when they differ from the Democrat Party agenda.  One of the more disturbing things about this incident is that someday the left will finally get their wish.  One of these days it’s going to happen.  This is all setting the table for it.  Groups are large.  Many people populate groups — and within any group of people, a sample is gonna find those who are unstable, deranged, and so forth like this kid.  You are eventually, at some point, going to probably find somebody who could be more closely identified with a particular political movement.  This kid is just a nut, and they’ve done their best…

Limbaugh, is getting a taste of his own medicine and he does not like it.  He wants to be given the benefit of the doubt.  He wants to be free to speak.  He does not want a whole group, his conservatives to be blemished.  Yet, each and every chance he and his band have they blemish every Arab and every Muslim.  A broad brush of blame he applies to millions of people, but he the “imam” of the right, finds a broad brush applied to him distasteful.

So, now Sarah, Glen and Rush want to be treated with respect.  They don’t want to be blamed as a group for the actions of one.  The tactic of demonization came back to bite them in the ass.  That is the problem with such public behavior.  It comes around and it bites hard.  The cycle of looking for demons, devils and the evil never ends.


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What California Voters Learned

After the  trouncing the Democrats got from the new BFFs, the Independents— a 15% swing away from Democrats–everyone is urging a move to the right for Obama.  Blaming progressives and real Democratic party issues seems to be the mood of the day.  Well, it seems the real lessons to be learned, were learned by California voters. What happened in California?  As always, it was different.

California voters, around 2003,got mad and went ballistic on their Democratic governor,   Gray Davis. They recalled the governor and elected a citizen billionaire celebrity politician, Arnold the Terminator.  Arnold made all the promises that tea baggers are making.  He  promised to blast his way through the political gridlock, cut taxes, bring jobs, wealth, defend the borders and make everyone wealthy.   Arnold’s first act was to send everyone about  $500 check,  that worked for a few months.  Yep, that money from increased auto fees, sure made the immediate gratification, don’t tax me citizen happy.  But, it did not solve anything in the state.

His inexperience and outsideriness, the exact things that made him desirable, led to six years of gridlock with no end in sight.  Having a split government with a constantly changing term limited legislature, ( all the anti- politician and government gimmicks in one pot) does not work.  This time the GOP ran two other outsiders,  Meg Whitman and Fiorina, billionaire, women outsiders, somehow thinking that women would be fooled.

California women were not fooled, they broke 56-40 Democratic compared to 48 -51% nationally.  Neither were the young people Neither were the Latinos, Blacks or Asians.  Californians chose experience:(CS Monitor).

Analysts credit an intense burst of support by longtime Democratic allies – plus the party’s edge among the many racial and ethnic subgroups here – for turning out the Democratic vote.

I realize that the Mainstream Media does not care to pay attention, but the old Democratic Machine kicked some serious ass in California.  John Burton, unions and the – Democratic alliances, did their work against the new money.

After Whitman spent $168 million trying to destroy Brown, her own words buried her.  After Fiorina, with the help of Palin and the outside Chamber and Rove secret funds blasted Boxer with television advertisements, Fiorina lost by 10% points.  The Democrats had about a 900,000 vote advantage. These were not squeakers.  Fiorina, would not conceded last night at midnight, she gave a speech and said that she was going to crunch the numbers some more.  Dear Carly, these are not corporate earning numbers, you can crunch all you want, you lost.

So, do not despair.  Do not lose sight.  Do not listen to the punditocracy telling us that the Democratic alliances fell apart.  In time, the citizen politicians, who will be starry-eyed newbies for the lobbyists, will disappoint.  They will lash-out, investigate, gridlock and pontificate and will come up with zero.

Politics is a business for politicians.  Crusty ones like Jerry and feisty ones like Boxer.  Inexperienced ideologues are of no use and ultimately just are the tools of the real powers that be, the Corporatists, who control the lobbying industry.

Crusty, as we lovingly call Jerry, is still around and still willing to do the service needed for California.  eMeg, with her managed focus group consultant driven campaign, could have bought an island for that money and made her self queen.

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Republican Job Creationism Mythology

The Republicans and their little magical friends, the Tea Party little people,  promise that if they win, they will create jobs. How will they do that?  Well, they have invented a new economic theory :  Conservative Job Creationism (CJC).  Like the creationist mythology, in the realm of the sciences, the right wing has imposed a creationist theory in economics: creation of jobs through the alchemy of tax cuts for the rich.

These two creationist theories have been given equal airing and now we have reached the point where millions of Americans believe in this cosmology.  Both are not questioned,  because they come with some theological blessing, one the Bible, the other from the Supply Side Economics as told by the Apostle Ronald Reagan.

If all these anti government  people get elected, they promise us, that they will by some magic– aka tax cuts– use government to create jobs.  What escapes the discussion is that we tried this during the Bush years without success.  Also,  sprinkled and diluted the Stimulus  through the Senate amendments to the House version, plenty of tax cuts and in the end, we got a less effective Stimulus.

Before President George W. Bush left a deep financial crisis and economic collapse on President Barack Obama’s doorstep, he presided over two terms of laissez-faire supply-side policies that yielded the weakest expansion in recent U.S. economic history, marked by tepid job growth, weak private investment, stagnant family incomes, and a host of other ills that mounting housing and financial bubbles helped partially obscure. That President Bush took no action to address the fundamental weakness of the American economy and protect it from financial collapse was a tragic failure—but it was a tragic failure to be expected by a conservative president practicing conservative economics. The Consequences of Conservative Economic Policy, A Tried and Failed Approach that Should not be Repeated

How does government create jobs? One sure way is by direct job creation, paying to build things, fix things and save existing services.  The Obama administration created jobs, but you must remember that all the Republican tinkering with the stimulus, way too much went to tax cuts and not enough to jobs.  In the end, no Republican voted for the Recovery Act.  In the Senate, they would not vote for it if not for the tax cuts.  For all intents and purposes, our current job deficits are the result of the Conservative Job Creationism, a promise to believe, with no susbtantive results.  We really have not had a true job creation, just version of the mystical CJC.

The other way is via incentives. Incentives can have two forms, buying stuff from the private sector, or offering direct incentives for job creation, like tax cuts, or tax credits for actual job creation. The Republicans say, let us in, we will create all these incentives, mostly tax cuts for the very rich and through some alchemy, that will create jobs. It’s the alchemy that is not working for me. This alchemy, the tax cuts to the rich, was in place through the Bush years and the last two Obama years, has not created the magic.  As Robert Reich points out:

Unfortunately for supply-siders, history has proven them wrong again and again. During almost three decades spanning 1951 to 1980, when America’s top marginal tax rate was between 70 and 92 percent, the nation’s average annual growth was 3.7 percent. But between 1983 and start of the Great Recession, when the top rate was far lower – ranging between 35 and 39 percent – the economy grew an average of just 3 percent per year. Supply-siders are fond of claiming that Ronald Reagan’s 1981 cuts caused the 1980s economic boom. In fact, that boom followed Reagan’s 1982 tax increase. The 1990s boom likewise was not the result of a tax cut; it came in the wake of Bill Clinton’s 1993 tax increase.

Neither creationist theory is based on empirical evidence.  It is a belief that somehow, jobs will be created if people who make over $250,000 after deductions, will go out and create jobs.  Right now our corporations are sitting on large gobs of cash, why are they not creating jobs with that cash?  The rich have all this money, why are they not investing in American jobs?

The other element of the Conservative Job Creationism theory is that tax cuts are revenue neutral, that they don’t cost money, that somehow, they don’t add to the deficit.  Extending the existing tax cuts for the upper classes, has an estimated cost of 4 trillion dollars with a doubtful job creation prognosis, whereas direct job creation, with elimination of the tax cuts for the rich will cost us less and have more predictable outcomes.  Do we have time to rely on a magical promise?

The uncertainty with government policies, makes these guys nervous, they don’t want to expose themselves, hire people if government is gonna take away the tax breaks for the rich, they say. Now this seems like a leap in logic. We are not talking about corporate taxes, these are individual taxes.  They did not have that uncertainty during the Bush years, what kept the magic from happening?

My fellow Americans in Ohio and other parts of America who are considering joining the GOP magical job creation mystery tour, wake up. If you want a job, we need another stimulus. If you want to keep your job, we need another stimulus. Jobs, in this recession, are not gonna be created for you by your magical corporate friends, they found other elves to do the work for them.

The other elves are cheaper and they have no regulations. We can eliminate all our regulations, cut all our taxes, slash all the labor laws, and these guys are not gonna give you jobs as you knew them.  In fact, they found other children who buy the toys.  They don’t really care if your children need toys, they replaced them in other markets.

It’s simple math.  Whatever we do to get the economy going, will involve a cost.  The Republican method, involves cost and some suspension of logic, facts and common sense.  The Democratic option, will cost money, but at least some regular people will get a pay check, pay some bills, buy some cars, eat at some restaurants, buy a toy or two, pay tuition, pay some medical bills, get some health insurance.  The GOP version will cost money but, with a potential magical outcome, that the lawyers, doctors and other professionals after their first $250,000, will choose to somehow make a job for an American.  How they will make that job, it’s not clear.  It’s magic.

We, the dopes, have to wait around, while that stranger, that imaginary prince, sits around and  weighs his/her options:  An Hermes bag?  A condo in Aspen?  A face lift?  Another 25 year old girlfriend, or boyfriend, or both?  Or creating a job for an electrician, a programmer, a truck driver, a heavy machine operator, a planner, or any of the hundreds of jobs that it takes to build or fix our infrastructure.  A real investment in our future?  Or another toy for the rich with a vague promise of a job?

Creationism based on a mythology and never empirical evidence.  Based on an orthodoxy of beliefs that have no room in praxeology.  An orthodoxy that promises to deliver without ever having delivered, yet, the narrative of the fiction dominates.


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