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Empathy and Compassion

Ann Romney has multiple sclerosis and had cancer.  Rick Santorum‘s baby has a major disability.  Both need medical care that is very expensive.  Ann Romney, as the wife of a multi-millionaire, has access to all the care that she needs.  Rick Santorum, assuredly has health insurance and most likely the insurance he was given by the American people as US Senator to cover his child’s health care. We are told their stories over and over to humanize them and to make the “likable” because they suffer.

Yet, Ann Romney is married to a man ,who if elected, has promised to cut the healthcare that is offered under the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Rick Santorum, showed no compassion or empathy with people who do not have access to health care and have sick children.  Before the Affordable Healthcare Act, children with severe disabilities faced the lifetime cap that precluded them from getting anymore coverage.  Some of the children reached the cap at an early age. Compassion and empathy without a commitment to some form of social and economic justice is an empty sentiment.  A cheap Hallmark card.  An empty gesture.

When someone seeks compassion and empathy for themselves and shows no such compassion or care of people who suffer the same condition and have few resources then that is simple sadistic cruelty. Santorum used simplistic analogies of people “expecting free medication”  yet they buy and iPad for $900.  This is exactly the kind of “folksy” oversimplification that is used against people to dehumanize them and to take away a social sense of compassion and empathy for our fellow citizens.  Instead, they become a caricature.

These self same politicians and their wives, want us to see them as humans with real pain and suffering. When you make your life’s work the demonization of your fellow citizens and of the people of other nations, do not cry and beg for my compassion.  Do not try to pull my heartstrings.   So, Mrs. Romney, I do not care about your struggles until I see that you face the heartless policies of your husband.

As far as I am concerned, you are nothing more than the wife of a mobster, Carmella Soprano comes to mind.  You choose to be with that man.  You have free will.  Your struggles are artificial and deserve little of my attention.  I will save my compassion for those who are left out without care, without protection.

Mr. Santorum, your parents worked for the VA, the biggest national healthcare.  They paid for your healthcare as a child from generous public benefits.   If they were so capable, why did they not work out in the private sector?  You have been on the public teet your entire life and you go around scolding others as if you are some type of self-made man.   I know a scoundrel when I see one, and you are one.

To the Republican Party and particularly the Romney household.  Your personal narrative of suffering should be repressed and kept private.  If you follow your core values, your fellow citizens do not owe you one ounce of compassion.    


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The Four Lies, or Some Of The Lies

Bob Somerby, at the Daily Howler, always a must read, today summarizes what is truly the frustration with our press corps. Lies, vast lies, that are never challenged. Instead they are given equal time and credence.

He starts by showing us how this machine of lies started and how it got fed:

Bill Clinton was a serial murderer! That notion was spread all over the land by one of our most famous preachers. Al Gore said he inspired Love Story! That fateful claim got its start in 1997, from Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd. Then there are the ludicrous claims which have driven our “policy discussions.” Again, a prominent handful:

  • If we lower our tax rates, we get extra revenue!
  • European-style health care has failed everywhere it’s ever been tried!
  • Social Security is about to go bankrupt! The money isn’t there—it’s already been spent!
  • American schools were once first in the world—but now, we’re in a headlong decline!

He then goes on to discuss an article, by Dana Millbank, someone that both Somerby nor I are particularly fond of, that does do it right. Millbank takes down the Glen Beck world and his fetish with conspiracy theories, fascism, Woodrow Wilson, conflating Progressives from the Wilson era to modern progressives and the conflation of Obama with Nazis, Fascists and Socialists.

Why is Beck getting away with this far-fetched conspiracy theories and lies? He speaks them, then they become a truth just because they are spoken. Yes, we know that Fox perpetuates these stories, but why are the guys on our side, not doing the homework to challenge the lies and to expose the extremist, marginal conspiracy theorist mind-set?

If the tax cuts worked, why are we in such a mess? If European style health care failed, why are the Europeans holding on to it and why are they getting better healthcare? Social Security is not bankrupt, the money was shifted to show a lesser deficit, the Boomers paid their share, now get your hands of my Social Security.

On education, read his article from yesterday, he breaks down how the educational data is manipulated, and how the meme, with the new “Waiting For Superman” movie, is all a ploy to destroy public education, privatize it. Basically, the white middle class does really well thank you, who we fail are the people we always fail, the poor and the minorities that we have always abused. Matter of fact, better than Germany.

So, next time you watch any of the cable, television networks, or read an article that does not challenge the lies that have become truth in this country, remember who the culprits are. When you watch people who are ignorant about the basic political facts, issues and trends, there are people to blame.

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