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When People Are Not People

Governor Romney, while on the campaign trail, told us that Corporations are people.  Then just the other day, on the campaign trail, he told us : Corporations are people too.   Then, in January, he tells us he ” Likes to fire people” 

The newly minted socialists, Perry and Gingrich, grab the moment to paint him as the meanest man in the world.   On the left, many of us jumped to accuse Gingrich and Perry of taking the quote out of context.  That is wrong, the word is perfectly in Romney context.  People are people.  Corporations are people.  Therefore, Romney loves to fire both.  Easy.  Now Perry and Gingrich, just like to fire teachers and public employees.  You see, in their dictionary, teachers and public employees are not people.

You see, in the past century and millennium, people used to be people.  We even had songs about people.  In case you don’t remember what people used to be.


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