I don’t know exactly what a Sarthanapolos is, it’s sort of a demon, a devil, a creature that is unsettled.  A creature that cannot be tamed.


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  1. Stellaa,

    Great blog!

    Sarah, the French lady

  2. Hani Moustafa

    Stella, I can’t thank you enough for your article about Egyptians. I’m not thanking you because I’m Egyptian, though. This can apply on any people in the world including Americans. We should learn to voice for the oppressed people wherever and whoever they are.

  3. Nanice

    great article…being Egyptian, I was laughing. And then I read it to my parents who loved it. thank you.

  4. Fantastic blog! Well written. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great blog! Loved the Egypt piece.

  6. Permission to reprint your “How Not to Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt”? Please contact me. Thanks for valuable advice.

  7. Thank you for your articles, very articulate and well put. I’m inviting all individuals active within the online space relative to Egypt to help spread the word about http://www.ipledgetoegypt.org and begin making pledges to prepare for the imminent rebuild of Egypt.

    Keep up the good word!

  8. M.


    I’m not sure where you took the name from, but apparently Sarthanapalos is another latin transcription of Sardanapalus aka Ashurbanipal, a king of the Assyrian Empire:

    I’ve read of him because he became a romantic icon, featured in a painting by Delacroix, a play by Lord Byron and an opera by Liszt.

    Congrats for your great Egypt post as well.

  9. Sweet Fellow

    Great blog.
    Can you please add a facebook sharing link?

  10. Lynne

    As someone who spent six years living in Egypt, I want to thank you for your clear and concise blog posting. It made me relieved to see that not everyone out there thinks Egyptians are stupid and smelly!

  11. Sarthanapolos, thanks for your work. Wanted to alert you that we’ve posted and credited your work on our site. All The Best, Colin, Blogger/Webmaster, Inside Islam


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