RNC Debt

The RNC is bankrupt, $ 20 million in outstanding debt.

Hundreds of major donors have abandoned the Republican National Committee, leaving it $20 million in debt and threatening its future as a central player in the 2012 presidential election.

Don’t you love the Washington Post making the debt the dependent clause ?  Really?  Imagine if this was a Progressive or Lefty group facing financial problems.  It would be blamed on bad management, bad decisions, not knowing their business.  But what about the RNC, who is to blame?  What were all the great minds doing?

It seems the downward spiral has been going on for a few years, yet, none of the great minds–the fiscal conservative business minds that know how to do things right–did nothing to stop the bleeding.  Of course, they blame Steele and the donors.  Overspending just happened.

But, fellas, you got monthly financials did you not?   You had audits?  You have a financial officer? You have a Board right?  You have a finance committee?   Did you not notice?

The narrative is that the RNC is run by private sector types, business men who will apply their skills to running our nation.  Men who will cast away the “bad habits of government”, spending what you don’t have and paying attention to your finances.  But, the RNC gets to make excuses.  The donors dropped off, that is why they are in debt.

The narrative will prevail and the irony will go under the radar.


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  1. I am afraid that you are misreading the RNC’s money problems. Big donors have never liked having to give to any party committee, DNC or RNC. With the Supreme Court’s awful decision in Citizens United legalizing unlimited and unidentified corporate money into the U.S. electoral process, big donors no longer have to bother with whether the RNC is a well-run operation.

    Instead, these right-wing billionaires, the Chamber of Commerce, etc. are setting up their very own little organizations, which will allow them to have direct control over how their money is spent. To take one noxious example, Karl Rove heads up an outfit called Crossroads GPS that spent tens of millions of dollars to defeat Democratic candidates in the 2010 election cycle.

    We live in a plutocracy. Why should the rich have to bother with the petty politics of a national political party organization like the RNC when they can raise and spend unlimited amounts of their own money? Reince Priebus, the man who was just elected head of the RNC, is not remotely qualified to be a national leader. Whatever role the RNC does play in 2012, the organization will be but a shadow of its former self compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars in “independent” spending that will take place.