Limbaugh Logic: Demonize Islam, Not Me!

Rush Limbaugh, after the Fort Hood attack, was ready to blame the Muslim faith for every violent act committed by a Muslim.  The logic is that the Imam’s preach hate and violence.

RUSH:  I mean folks, ought to read to you what my friend Andy McCarthy wrote about this at National Review Online: “After the carnage we’ve seen for two decades, and the high religious authorities that have endorsed it, it is simply astounding that an American president — at a solemn memorial service for soldiers killed just days ago by a jihadist acting on his rational, broadly accepted understanding of his religious duty — could claim that ‘no faith justifies’ sneak-attack murders, and that no religion teaches that ‘God looks upon them with favor.’ In fact, a widely held interpretation of Islam holds exactly these principles. No one is saying that all Muslims follow Hasan’s construction of Islam, but hundreds of millions do and they have scriptures to back up their beliefs — scriptures we could all read if we’d just pull our heads out of the sand. To deny that is to deny reality. A country can’t be protected by people who lack the will to face reality.”
And that’s what we have in president Obama.  I’m still struggling, does he face reality, is he this naïve or is he this cunning?  He’s got to know what jihad is.  He’s got to know of the imams that preach it.  He’s got to know that there are scriptures in these people’s book that suggests the way to get to heaven is to kill infidels.  This is not even arguable.  As Andy says here it’s not about all Muslims but clearly hundreds of millions of them.  Let’s listen to the next sound bite.

Rush Limbaugh, when his preaching is blamed for acts of hate and violence, protests:

Don’t kid yourself.  What this was all about is shutting down any and all political opposition and eventually criminalizing it. Criminalizing policy differences, at least when they differ from the Democrat Party agenda.  One of the more disturbing things about this incident is that someday the left will finally get their wish.  One of these days it’s going to happen.  This is all setting the table for it.  Groups are large.  Many people populate groups — and within any group of people, a sample is gonna find those who are unstable, deranged, and so forth like this kid.  You are eventually, at some point, going to probably find somebody who could be more closely identified with a particular political movement.  This kid is just a nut, and they’ve done their best…

Limbaugh, is getting a taste of his own medicine and he does not like it.  He wants to be given the benefit of the doubt.  He wants to be free to speak.  He does not want a whole group, his conservatives to be blemished.  Yet, each and every chance he and his band have they blemish every Arab and every Muslim.  A broad brush of blame he applies to millions of people, but he the “imam” of the right, finds a broad brush applied to him distasteful.

So, now Sarah, Glen and Rush want to be treated with respect.  They don’t want to be blamed as a group for the actions of one.  The tactic of demonization came back to bite them in the ass.  That is the problem with such public behavior.  It comes around and it bites hard.  The cycle of looking for demons, devils and the evil never ends.



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2 responses to “Limbaugh Logic: Demonize Islam, Not Me!

  1. pwtruigrok

    The fact is that educated americans are not consequent and systematic in their own thinking. They may have studied about Darwin’s evolution theory, that ended in our present gene-technology. But they keep on to be “religious” against the facts of live. It is clear to intellectual people that life starts with the conception, a few cells, and stops with your death. What you carry on to the next generation are your genes, that took the next step in the development of mankind. But you are dead, there are no heavans and there are no hells: what you get of nature is this life, only one. People who believe in religion stay on to belong to the dark ages. So are muslims. Mohammed was a clever guy, who in his lifetime was a warrior, not a saint, and the soldiers came, and still come: from people who believe in fairy tales. They waste their own time with praying to a non-existing almighty being.

  2. kikimuffins

    Fear is what helps them drive their agenda. If Rush and others like him and put fear into the hearts and minds of people, then he is able to separate us all (humanity). If there is fear, the door is opened for hate and if there is hate, the excuses are there to do whatever it is that needs to be done to complete their agenda because people will vote for their agenda (out of fear). Manipulative? – Yes. Sad? – Yes? Working? – It seems to be for some people, especially the folks that just aren’t smart or inquisitive enough to look at the facts from all sides. As Americans we consider it appropriate to believe what we are spoon fed from media, pundits and politicians spewing propaganda. Additionally, if we disagree with popular opinion out of Washington, it is then considered “UN-American” and who wants that tattooed on their forehead?? Long story short – It’s all about personal agendas, making money, fear-mongering!! Somewhere along the way we changed from fact to fiction and opinion runs the news. Opinions are not news, they are opinions!