Zizek on the Failures of Liberal Capitalism

If you have fifteen minutes, watch this interview.  The guy makes my brain dance and spin, in a good way.  Then if you really have time and want to get away from the same thinking that we are stuck in, read his book, Living in the End of Times, Slavoj Zizek.

Some of the points that I find interesting:

  • We personalize capitalism, oh, it’s just those greedy guys, when in truth, it’s inherent in the system. Don’t blame morality and look for a fix in the laws, blame the real culprit, capitalism.
  • Tolerance, “a notion of disorientation”, “don’t harass me remain at the proper distance from me… the liberal tolerant is ready to tolerate only the decaffeinated other” ” products deprived of their poisonous substance”” I don’t want tolerance, I want militarist spirit for a good cause”
  • He calls this the non political era.  We deal with issues as moral and legalistic, that there are culprits, when it’s the system, he brings up BP and the Oil spill.  BP became the criminal,
  • Then he talks about how the middle  of the political spectrum with the only real opposition is from the extreme right.  He uses Europe as an example, but I think it applies in the US as well.  What we have done with making politics mainly a cultural ethical issue, is that we have silenced, actually repressed the socio-economic dimension of politics.  In some ways, as long as laws are obeyed and people are not discriminated against, class inequality seems to be acceptable in this new realm of politics.

By the way, notice that the interview is on Al Jazeera, would our free press expose his thoughts to the people? 


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  1. Thanks for pointing out this interview with Zizek