Senator Simpson vs. Paul Krugman

Listen to this NPR interview of the Catfood Commissioners, Bowels and Simpson:  Debt Commission Co-Chairs, Won\’t Bow To Criticism.

I’d love to meet Paul Krugman, cuz sometimes he looks like he lost his marbles, I know he won the Nobel Prize, I respect that, but let me tell you his ideas are not going to go anywhere, in this atmosphere because, because it’s a different time than he wrote before when he was just dinging on George Bush, more fun to ding on Bush economically than anyone else, and he loved that, but let me tell you, if he can’t realize what we are doing with social security ….he will lose his relevance.  (emphasis mine)

My fellow Americans, these are the words of a commissioner chosen by the President to talk about how we will discuss the budget issues.  Krugman was one of the strongest voices that stopped the campaign to privatize Social Security under the Bush administration.

If the respected politicians, chosen by a Democratic President, speak this way about the most respected economist from the Democratic/Left side, I say the game is fixed  and it does not look good for the poor or working class.   What he basically said, if you don’t agree with us, “shut the fuck up”.

Not once did Simpson critique the Krugman analysis .  He just basically attacked Krugman and marginalized him.  If this is bipartisanship, beating up our side each and every time, get ready for the complete capitulation.

The Simpson tone was that of the typical bully from the GOP.  Thank you President Obama, for legitimizing this creep and bringing him back in our midst as some savior.  If this is how the national conversation on the budget will start, I don’t think we have a chance.


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