Spitzer Vs. Rand Paul

Elliot  Spitzer has a new show on CNN,  he has a pleasant silent sidekick.  I guess they could not give him an hour alone, who wants to have a show with a savvy attorney ex-governor.  No, we cannot have someone who can catch other politicians when they lie, or divert.  Yes, yes, I know he went with a hooker, now can we move on?

Here is an example of his interview with Rand Paul yesterday.

What is interesting is that in a few minutes Spitzer basically exposes Rand Paul for what he is, just another politician.  Matter of fact, just another politician who lived on the dole for all his life, 50% of his Tea Partying, Libertarian income came from Medicare.  Now, how come this was not an issue?

When pushed about across the board cuts for programs that benefit him and his state, Paul does the dance.  The dance of “cut them, not me or mine”.  Paul throws in of course the favorite Red Hearings, the Affordable Healthcare Bill, which he now a Senator, gives it the purposefully derogatory name, Obamacare.  Mr. Paul, this is an actual act voted and passed by Congress, not a right-wing meme.  Learn to respect our Democracy.  ( more on that later)

Spitzer, has been drilling all the “cut spending, cut taxes” people, actually all his guests, what would they cut.  He starts with the graphic of the budget, Paul, unable and unwilling to really deal with the issue at hand, ‘it’s not easy to cut the budget”, starts attacking and posturing.  My favorite is the actual indignation at being asked real issues of governance.

Of course, people focus on the Paul cheap shot about Spitzer’s past when asked about his income.  The intertubes and the boyz in the Libertarian frat houses see this as a knock out punch a victory.  Yet, it was not.  He was specifically asked what is his annual income so that we can deduce the level of subsidy and how much he is supported by the “nanny state” that he disparages.

Paul then he seemingly lists the four things he would do to look at the budget after he acknowledges that there are thousand of books and people who go into preparing the budget.  Honestly, Mr. Paul, it’s not a sound bite “cut and spend”, a sound bite to get elected by?  :

  1. Can it be downsized?
  2. Can it be privatized?
  3. Can it be eliminated?
  4. Or is it off the table.

Boy genius, Rand Paul, is going to do this, allegedly to each program.  My take away is the prominent position of “privatized”.  Privatizing does not make it cheaper, or free.  It throws it out there, for the Libertarians to sanitize it and chomp on it for life.  A free ride, for the mediocre business men, who cannot compete in the global market, and survive by sucking the blood of the American people.

What of the 11 billion, that his state gets from the federal government is he willing to cut?  He was so sure on the campaign trail, that snip, snip and he had the answers.  Now, he squirms, wants time, wants to study.

He is eager to cut everyone else, but the Doctor subsidies, not on the table.  Gee, I guess they were already cut in 93, who was the new President then?  Oh, Clinton.  Not a Republican.

Consider this, the state of Kentucky for each dollar they contribute to the Federal budget, gets back $1.50, compare that to my state, California, for each dollar we pay, we get back .78 cents.  (source, Tax Foundation State by State, 2005).  Now, I want to see, how Paul will explain to his impoverished citizenry, that they have to give up about one-third of what they get from the Federal Government and that he will do it.

Get your engines started and watch if they start cutting the money that sustain their bankrupt business and mediocre doctors like Paul.  Wonder why he could not make it without Medicare patients?

I hope Spitzer continues in the path of sticking to the questions and exposing the real issues.  I do think that they will not come on his show, cause they will not get away with a chit-chat.  They will get asked questions.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this show will survive.


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  1. John Mavroudis

    THIS was awesome! Thanks so much for the clip and commentary.

    Rand Paul is very good at communicating his ideals… his problem is when he runs into intelligent people who ask reality-based questions about those views… one only needs to watch his gymnastics when confronted with Rachel Maddow or Elliot Spitzer to expose this sham.