What California Voters Learned

After the  trouncing the Democrats got from the new BFFs, the Independents— a 15% swing away from Democrats–everyone is urging a move to the right for Obama.  Blaming progressives and real Democratic party issues seems to be the mood of the day.  Well, it seems the real lessons to be learned, were learned by California voters. What happened in California?  As always, it was different.

California voters, around 2003,got mad and went ballistic on their Democratic governor,   Gray Davis. They recalled the governor and elected a citizen billionaire celebrity politician, Arnold the Terminator.  Arnold made all the promises that tea baggers are making.  He  promised to blast his way through the political gridlock, cut taxes, bring jobs, wealth, defend the borders and make everyone wealthy.   Arnold’s first act was to send everyone about  $500 check,  that worked for a few months.  Yep, that money from increased auto fees, sure made the immediate gratification, don’t tax me citizen happy.  But, it did not solve anything in the state.

His inexperience and outsideriness, the exact things that made him desirable, led to six years of gridlock with no end in sight.  Having a split government with a constantly changing term limited legislature, ( all the anti- politician and government gimmicks in one pot) does not work.  This time the GOP ran two other outsiders,  Meg Whitman and Fiorina, billionaire, women outsiders, somehow thinking that women would be fooled.

California women were not fooled, they broke 56-40 Democratic compared to 48 -51% nationally.  Neither were the young people Neither were the Latinos, Blacks or Asians.  Californians chose experience:(CS Monitor).

Analysts credit an intense burst of support by longtime Democratic allies – plus the party’s edge among the many racial and ethnic subgroups here – for turning out the Democratic vote.

I realize that the Mainstream Media does not care to pay attention, but the old Democratic Machine kicked some serious ass in California.  John Burton, unions and the – Democratic alliances, did their work against the new money.

After Whitman spent $168 million trying to destroy Brown, her own words buried her.  After Fiorina, with the help of Palin and the outside Chamber and Rove secret funds blasted Boxer with television advertisements, Fiorina lost by 10% points.  The Democrats had about a 900,000 vote advantage. These were not squeakers.  Fiorina, would not conceded last night at midnight, she gave a speech and said that she was going to crunch the numbers some more.  Dear Carly, these are not corporate earning numbers, you can crunch all you want, you lost.

So, do not despair.  Do not lose sight.  Do not listen to the punditocracy telling us that the Democratic alliances fell apart.  In time, the citizen politicians, who will be starry-eyed newbies for the lobbyists, will disappoint.  They will lash-out, investigate, gridlock and pontificate and will come up with zero.

Politics is a business for politicians.  Crusty ones like Jerry and feisty ones like Boxer.  Inexperienced ideologues are of no use and ultimately just are the tools of the real powers that be, the Corporatists, who control the lobbying industry.

Crusty, as we lovingly call Jerry, is still around and still willing to do the service needed for California.  eMeg, with her managed focus group consultant driven campaign, could have bought an island for that money and made her self queen.


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