Memo to the Sane and Moderate

Heh, I love Jon Stewart as a satirist and comedian, but, frankly, comedians and corporate lackeys should not be telling me, or anyone else, how to think and act about politics. This will be fun for his fans, but this is just the same as the Glen Beck stunt.  Our politics is not Entertainment.  It’s hard work and commitment.

The last time anyone talked about the sane and moderate class, it was Richard Nixon, with his Silent Majority.  Did not like that then, don’t like it now.   There is nothing insane about me complaining that the President and his team dropped the message.  We had the goods, we had the story and somehow, the right wing switched the protagonists, the conflict and the message of the story.

Do not equate my lefty politics with the fringe on the right, that was legitimized by the mass media.  Do not equate my holding to a real Democratic agenda, yes the actual platform of the party, as being extreme.  When was the last time that lefty rallies got any air time?  Are any real lefties on the air?  The only real lefty show we have is Democracy Now and it’s not on any major network.  The MSNBC crowd is not lefty, it’s another corporate construct.  Blathering in the same way their right-wing counterparts act, following the 24 hour news cycle of outrage and never really dealing with the issues.

Equating the left to the mangy, nutty and obstinate right wing is another one of those false equivelances.  It’s like comparing creationism to evolution, giving equal time to nutty scientists who deny climate change, continuing to give air time to dead economic theories like trickle down and free markets being sane.  The moderate voices have let that boob head Guggenheim, demonize the teachers unions and teachers so that they can privatize and obliterate the public school system in America.

So, Jon, you just have some fun, make some clever signs, and when your crowd does not feel entertained, or “getting their enthusiasm gap closed”  and we need people to do the real work, call me for the march on Washington.  Call me when we need to save Social Security from the hands of the greedy bastards.  Call me when we need to fix the Republican Healthcare bill that was an act in moderation.  Tell me when we really gonna do a stimulus, instead of a stimulus that is 60% tax breaks then complain cause some people got some jobs.

When the clowns and entertainers take over politics, while the Chamber of Commerce and the other corporate interests dig their boot into America’s crotch, don’t tell me to be sane and moderate.  If you have no conception of the true power of each side, how can you ask for moderation?





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  1. Welcome to the land left of the Democratic party, Stella. It’s nice here isn’t it? No smell of bovine feces, clear consciouses and we even have a pretty GREEN party to join!

    BTW, neither of us left the Democratic party… they left us. They left us by squandering their super majority through which they COULD have accomplished so many things, they left us by compromising at a drop of a hat on health care and they didn’t just reach across the aisle, they moved across the aisle. ‘Course they were led by “Mr. Compromise” himself, that is when he’s not endorsing a freak’in centralist Red Dog Independent in Rhode Island (not that that Blue Dog Caprio is much better).

    Don’t worry if you miss the Democratic party cuz you can still see them. See, way over there on the right??? I know it’s hard cuz they look and act just like the Republicans they are huddled with, but that’s because there really isn’t any difference now, is there?