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Glenn Beck and a Blackboard



You can hate Glen Beck all you want.  You can disparage his ideas.  You can marginalize him and call him out for the hate monger he is.  But, he did one thing that no other media pundit, commentator, analyst or anchor has done:  He got a blackboard and put together a story.

The story is a far fetched and outrageous conspiracy theory, yet, our guys, the liberals/progressives, had the truth, the real story and never, ever bothered to explain it to people.

Instead, MSNBC, the progressive bloggers, the alleged liberal Times, PBS, NPR, you name it, all they did is the same procedure as every year: expert chit chat.

They never bothered to explain what happened in the economic collapse.  Yes, Fox is biased to the right, if we are so clever, why did they take time to explain?  Why did the left, with supposedly the great team of Obama, lose the message?  Why did no one on our side bother to tell the story?  Michael Moore does, but it’s always a few years later in a movie.

Did our media, the liberal ones,  bother to explain the Reich analysis?  The stagnation of wages since the 1970’s?  Did they bother to explain the “Shock Doctrine”, the Klein analysis?  Did they bother to explain the Taleb analysis, and why the guys who created the mess should not be the guys who try to fix it?  Did they try to explain how the GOP got exactly the healthcare they wanted and the people got nothing?  Did they bother to explain Krugman’s warnings that the stimulus was too small?

Nothing.  They continued with the same failed blather of pundits, arguing the most current vortex of outrage, and the daily play by play.  They continued with letting “guests” perpetuate lies about the economy, never challenging the validity.  Never giving people like Reich, Klein, De Long, any substantive time, to tell the story of the economic failure.

Instead, we were given “Democratic Party Strategists” talking of strategy, game theory and insider gyrations.  While the message is taken right under our noses, our media, is busy creating outrage that some Jerry Brown aid, called Meg Whitman a “whore”.

What was the fear?  Obviously, the fear was that if the American people really get a whiff of how they were screwed by both parties, by the financiers and bankers, by the same people who were supposed to be taking care of them, that we would get a class war.  Instead, we let the toxic populists take over the message, distort it with racist sentiments and bad history.  Now we call the people who watched and listen to the story:  stupid, ignorant and hicks.

We are twirl around, fighting fake arch villains, while the real story, is buried under layers of misinformation, distortions and lies.  Simplistic demonization with a blackboard won out, why?   Cause like Byron Williams ( the Beck follower who took guns and was ready for the revolution)  said, Beck was like a school teacher, he was explaining things to him.  Educating him.  Does not matter that the content is fucked, the Beck viewer has a sense that they are learning something via an old-fashioned tool:  the blackboard.

Imagine in this day in age, our message was hijacked with an old school, blackboard and chalk.  All the new fangled messaging and networking got outsmarted by some arrows, lectures and  a story.   Remember, the blackboard is the tool of choice at the so called “madrasahs” the Jihadist indoctrination schools.

Maybe what we on the left thought was so obvious, so clear with the facts, was complicated.  Maybe someone needed to explain it, but no, we assume the obvious, based on reason, will win.  In truth, the story wins.  If you can weave a story, you can sustain a message.  It’s not as if we had no story, it’s that we think we are better than stories.


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