The Offended are Truly Offensive

The logic of the bigot and the xenophobe has become accepted and a tolerated in our discourse.  Why?  Well because we have created convenient “whereas clause”.   At this time we have two whereas clauses of excluding humans from the circle of humanity and from the rights of our constitution.  The two accepted exclusions from our Constitutional and civic rights, are Muslims and Gays.  We created a special class to make exclusion from the rights we are given by our system. A tidy whereas clause born of bigotry, ignorance and a clear miss understanding of our constitution.  The exclusion from humanity is devoted these days to, Muslims and Undocumented Immigrants, we just don’t think they deserve our compassion, or empathy.

Lucky Muslims, they are in two categories.  We, with the help of our leadership, have projected on to Muslims in America and abroad, all that is evil, all that we hate.  A convenient enemy who is assigned all the evil.   Demonizing xenophobia has transferred on to Muslims all the things we hated about the Nazis, the Commies with an added turn of religion.  Ah, religion gives us the chance to find more of “them” they are not limited in national borders, they are everywhere.  Arabs are a sub category that is also truly convenient, except they sometimes confuse us, cause they could be Christian, then we make a wee small clause to exclude the Christian Arabs.  Except for Edward Said, Helen Thomas and some others like them.

I was thinking about the logic of the offended.  If we applied this logic to America, should America be forbidden from having interest  in any nation it bombed?  Let’s see I would say that Hiroshima and Nagasaki should be offended by anything to do with America.  Viet Nam?  Germany?

Starbucks has fourteen stores in Hiroshima.  And yes, of course and an English speaking church, How about Iraq?  The numbers of dead civilians are in the hundred thousands, but yet, we are building a mammoth American compound the size of Vatican city in the middle of Baghdad.

In Hiroshima we dropped a nuclear bomb,  when we did not really have to. In Iraq, we entered into war destroyed all their civil society and killed thousands, all based on a lie.  Now I would think, that is one big heaping dose of offensive.

Park 51, Cordoba Center is not a mosque, it’s a cultural center, like a YMCA or a Jewish Cultural Center.  The group  is proposing a project that is within the zoning laws of NYC and an conforming use.  Muslims, innocent Muslims were victims of 9/11, here is a partial list.   In America Muslims are 5.6% of the population.  The number of dead Muslims are proportional to the Muslims in the overall US population.

So, as Americans, and as Americans who also died in 9/11 in their proportional numbers, no group owns the pain of 9/11.  Americans of all nationalities, religions and races died in 9/11.  The attack was against America and Americans, and as far as I know, last time I checked, we who live here by birth, or by immigration are afforded equal rights by our Constitution.

A very clever friend wrote in an email  the progression of the  anti Park 51, Cordoba house.  Where do we stop?

Let’s see, John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln– no Protestant
Episcopal churches allowed near Gettysburg.  Lee Harvey Oswald
assassinated Kennedy– although he was a Marxist with no declared
religion, Lee Harvey Oswald lived in an Evangelical Lutheran orphanage
for a while as a child.  No Lutheran churches allowed near Hyannis Port.
Dan White assassinated Harvey Milk– no Catholic Churches allowed in the
Castro.  Could this get any more ridiculous?

This twisted logic of xenophobia and bigotry is being used to divert our eyes from the real issues of economic catastrophe, the lack of real economic prospects and the short supply of leadership to get us out of the mess.  If we all enter into the vortex of xenophobic, religious and racial bigotry, we will be busy fighting an imagined enemy.  Obama and Reid, the Democratic leadership, cower at the sight of bigotry and capitulate.

To the offended, I say, you offend our Constitution.  You offend everything that America represents.  Take your artificial offense and look into your self, the self that is borne of vengeance and hatred.  Look in the mirror when you speak of your offense.


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  1. I think that our government and its lapdog, the mainstream media, is using this issue to fan the flames of fear in the heart of the American public. If they can get us to believe that we are at war with all Muslims, then they can justify, and get us to support, their never-ending war. Unfortunately, the American people can be very gullible.