“NPR is like Xanax”

I read somewhere that NPR is like Xanax.  This morning, on NPR,  they kept repeating that President Obama is supporting the controversial Mosque at Ground Zero.  Ok, NPR, the Mosque is not controversial, some people chose to make the Mosque a controversy.  The President is supporting the constitution.  The Mosque is not violating the rules of the land.  A controversy would be if the Mosque was violating the laws of this land.

Yet, they repeat it often enough, the listener then will succumb to the notion that the Mosque by it’s nature is controversial.  By being a Mosque, it has no right under our laws to exist, to have the same rights all other religions have.  The Mosque is disputed.  There is a faction that has interjected itself and is disputing the right of the Mosque to exist under our laws.  This side, wants to make a special rule for the Mosque, that would exclude the Mosque from what it is entitled to by our laws.

Just the subtle use of the word, makes us think that there is validity in opposing the Mosque.  It’s the same attitude that gives Climate change and Evolution doubters equal billing.  We listen to it, we don’t question and we are calmed into accepting the controversial argument imposed by those who oppose the mosque.

NPR is not our benign liberal auntie.


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